Gas Oven

Gas Oven
Similar to an ordinary wood-burning oven, presents the same features that distinguish our ovens! 

The gas oven is the best alternative to a wood-fired oven if there was the possibility of placing the chimney.

Built with the same procedures of a "Neapolitan Oven", but with the installation of a gas burner placed inside the cooking chamber, acting as fire wood.

It works like a pizza oven but better management because, by not having to enter the wood, oven remains cleanmaintaining always a constant temperature.

Why choose a gas oven

With its cutting-edge technology, the Gas oven ensures many benefits in its use ...

First the firing is faster and reduces time to reach the maximum temperature;
Why do not you use wood, you do not create soot and therefore remains cleaner for longer; 
It can also be installed where it is not possible to insert a chimney;
It maintains a constant temperature;
Last but not least ... the gas oven ensures a saving energy of the 40/50% less power than with wood.
Our ovens are entirely handmade, with materials of the highest quality and according to a tradition that we have passed on for many years.
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