Neapolitan Fixed Oven

The wood-fired oven 
wood oven is a primary important element for cooking and quality of «Pizza Napoletana». The technical features that distinguish intervene in an absolute way on the successful the classic «Pizza Napoletana».

Neapolitan oven for pizza consists on a base of brick of tuff,overlying on a circular floor that we call soil, on which we construct a dome. The roof is made with refractory elements and covered with a meterial that does not allow heat desparsion.

In fact, the proportions between the verious parts of the oven are essential to get a optimum cooking of the pizza.
The Neapolitan oven are different from the common oven because of the ratio that are between the internal diameter with the height of the roof and the wideness of the mouth, and all thematerials that we use for the construction are obtained from the nature of our region (brick of roof and soil),particulary between Sorrento and Caserta.

In base of the oven we use some particular materials which rapresent our professional secrecy, a process that we artisans of oven hand down from father to son with the experiance that we gane with time, and the arrival of innavative elements have make us to improve the performance of our ovens, ensuring to our clients maximum efficiency in operation and reducing energy waste.